We are a diverse team of experienced brand consultants, ad managers, filmmakers and content managers, as well as young creative minds and absolute social media natives, who have absorbed the new channels from birth and know exactly what will work for the respective communities.


Brand Consultant


She always keeps an overview, has many years of experience in brand positioning and communication and has developed and shaped the launch of several important brands in the DACH market.



Key Account Manager


She has a real talent for organization and a sparkling and cheerful nature. Her extensive experience in the field of content / social media marketing makes her a valued sparring partner.



Creative Film Producer 
& Cutter


He has shot everything from classic TV spots to short films and has found great love in specializing in social media content. In this case, professional know-how & a bit of craziness make the efficient mix!


Creative Producer & Writer


A social media native in person. Equipped with a lot of drive and awards from various talent competitions, he is a passionate writer & producer of social media content.



Digital Ad Expert


When most brands didn’t even know that social media was going to become an advertising platform, he already dealt with algorithms and the beginnings of monetization, as a teenager. Priceless knowledge sits in this clever head, which repeatedly ceases to amaze one or the other.




Key Account Manager 
& Graphics


She is an aesthete with a keen sense for photography & images and feels right at home on Instagram. Order and planning security are rarely combined with a talent, in creative design, like hers.